Breast Reduction

Why Breast Reduction Surgery?

Disproportionately large breasts can be a physical and emotional problem for women. Besides contributing to self-consciousness, large breasts can restrict physical activity and cause pain and discomfort. Breast reduction surgery, which is also known as reduction mammaplasty, removes excess fat, skin and tissue from the breasts to reduce their size to what the patient is comfortable and happy with. Among the most common reasons why women opt for breast reduction surgery are poor self-image, chronic pain in the back, should and neck, limitation of movement and activity, bad posture, skin irritation or rash underneath the breasts, stretched skin due to low-hanging breasts, enlarged areolas and difficulty fitting into bras and clothing.

Dr. Marietta Zorn is a Toronto plastic surgeon who performs breast reduction for women as well as for men to correct gynecomastia. Due to the psychological weight of the operation, Dr. Zorn counsels patients to fully understand the reasons why they want the surgery, what their goals are, what the surgical procedure is like and the risks involved, what results can be expected and the recovery process.

Toronto Breast Reduction

Toronto breast reduction surgery is generally an outpatient procedure lasting a few hours or more. A patient is given general anesthesia, and incisions are made around or below the areolas. The surgeon will then remove the excess tissue and fat and lift and re-shape the remaining part with the right proportions and weight. The nipple may need to be moved or cosmetically altered depending on how much breast tissue is removed. Following the operation, bandages are carefully applied and patients may need to wear a special support bra. In some cases, a small tube is placed under the skin to allow for the drainage of any fluids that may collect during the initial recovery period. The doctor will prescribe medications that will help control pain and discomfort, reduce swelling and speed the recovery process.

The operation may be performed in an accredited Toronto plastic surgeon’s surgical facility, a hospital or an ambulatory surgical facility. The duration of the recovery depends on the age of the patient, overall physical condition, and the amount of reduction that has taken place. In general, one to two weeks of rest at home is required, after which it is possible to resume office and school work as long as they are not physically demanding. Patients should wait a month or so before undertaking strenuous physical activity.

Breast reduction is generally considered a functional or reconstructive procedure rather than a cosmetic one and may be covered by health insurance. However, insurance policies can greatly differ, so surgery candidates should make a point to carefully discuss coverage and all fees with their health provider and plastic surgeon. The surgery can be performed at any age, although it is recommended that women wait until their breasts are fully developed and post-pregnancies.

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